Treating Broken Bones Using 3D Printers

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Traditionally, when a person sustains an injury that results in a broken bone inside his/her body, he/she would be required to wear a cast, usually for weeks, until the broken bone regenerates and heals completely. Today’s medical wonders would put that practice in the shelves, however, as a new means to heal broken bones, at a faster period, is in the offing.

3D-Printed-Bones, with the use of a ProMetal 3D printer, is the latest solution to people whose bones have been fractured or broken. The artificial bones have the same flexibility and strength as the real ones, according to the researchers at the Washington State University, who are to be credited for the finding.

Initially, the bone structure’s material served as a key concern to the researches; the formula they came up with, however, which combined calcium phosphate, silicon and zinc, turned out to be the best solution, as it delivered favorable and the hoped-for result when tested in rabbits.

The procedure involved the imaging of the specific bone part, creating a model of it and combining it with the person’s stem cells before placing it inside the body. After the real bone grows and heals, the model naturally disintegrates.

The researchers are hopeful that this 3D printer would also lead to the possibility of growing tissues or the whole organ after they come up with the right materials for such.

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