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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Unit

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Choosing the correct storage facility before moving day is critical. Every person has unique needs, and different storage facilities can offer different amenities. Major factors include location, type of unit, and size.

If wanting to frequent your storage unit, it is wise to chose one that is in close proximity to you. The location can be a determining factor because a longer distance can discourage a visit. If it is close, it is much easier to stop in and out. Furthermore, knowing the area around the facility is a considerable safety precaution. Ensuring that the neighborhood is safe is a factor of location, and safer areas grant valuables more protection.

The second factor is the type of unit. Is it a drive-up? Indoor or outdoor? Drive ups are the most easily accessible as they are on the lower floor, have roll up doors, and you can walk right up to them. Indoor units do not provide all of those luxuries, however provide better protection against dust, animals, and weathering conditions. Climate controlled units are indoor, so this could also determine what type of unit you need. Lastly, outdoor units are primary for storing larger motor items. While they do not have as much guard against weathering damages, they are convenient places for cars or boats. All these options make it possible to store almost any possession you may need to put away.

Knowing how much space your items will take up is a necessity. If come storage day and your items don’t all fit into the space you’ve rented, the wasted time and hassle could’ve been saved had unit size been considered or measured. Sizes of units can range from 5X5 to 10X30, so there is that right space for everyone.

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